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Entrepreneurship and Betterment

Realya has a significant professional capability of acquisition and entrepreneurship of international assets, backed up by decades of experience and proven operational capacity. The work method commences by thorough investigation and selective data collection about the target locations where the company chooses to operate and is followed by a scrutinized examination, betterment and tight property management via equity-based acquisition of portfolios over a span of pre-defined time. It is only after meeting the targets, that we explore the expansion of activity and on-boarding of additional investors to the same location and form a localized management HQ by our American Real Estate corporation, for purposes of identification, acquisition, maintenance, betterment and relationships with tenants and financing entities. Our knowledge of the entrepreneurial process and the way we know how to create an orderly, comprehensive in-advance cost structure that takes into consideration all of the smallest of details, enables us to make educated decisions and have better control over profitability.

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Management and Maintenance

True success in Real Estate is a direct outcome of management, control and close supervision over the asset, therefore, our recipe for management and operation of yield-bearing assets is a direct, at arm’s-length span of control and the tightest possible supervision. By a focused and tactical set of actions we gain control of our results even in times of economic challenges, volatility and flexibility in tenants' preferences, thus effectively establishing a sound strategy which meets the frequently changing realities. The quality of management and the strict standards in view of which we operate includes a top-down feasibility analysis to the single unit level out of an entire cluster/property, putting in place a detailed quality and standard of construction, examination of betterment costs and the instant where it is becoming highly lucrative, the pricing of the ongoing maintenance and the inclusion of a logistic center with short response cycle for full support of the assets.
We in Realya understand, that the level of satisfaction of the tenants has a direct impact on the preservation of the assets' value, leading in turn to satisfaction of its investors, therefore we place great importance on providing fast and quality service to the plethora of our customers, starting with the investors and all the way to the tenants.

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Management, Supervision and Financial Control

Realya considers its investors as its partners and therefore act in full transparency and credibility vis-à-vis them.
Presenting the truth, consistently, accurately and reliably is our main standard as we are acting meticulously in presenting our financial investment portfolio performance in full, in a detailed and accessible manner each and every quarter, and encourage our investors to use a unique digital portal we have developed for their benefit. Over the portal the investors can view the investments' performance alongside costs and fees, the yield calculation of the fund in which they are partners and run comparisons vs. the original business plan.
Moreover, the entire information is published and disseminated via a "push" format every quarter, presented in a clear detailed and investor-friendly format.
Realya partners know that the complete reviews and provision of the detailed information delivered to them on regular basis, as we are certain it is the reason most of our investors are returning investors who also introduce it to their close circle of contacts to enjoy the high threshold we set.

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Capital Funds

Realya is an expert in origination, management and fulfillment of investment funds. These investment funds are an adequate option that is suitable for a joint investment, especially for a single investor due to the fact that these are incorporated under a clear legal and taxation structure. The investment method of Realya via establishing PE funds has multiple advantages:
First, the investor enjoys an optimal risk distribution option by a single investment unit.
Second, the funds Realya puts in place and manages, are American funds adapted to an Israeli investor, whether corporate or private.
Third, the tax structure is defined such that no double-taxation is applied to revenue of the Israeli investor and also provides investments via the different IRA entities in Israel.
Fourth, the legal structure is accessible, clear and simple to every investor whether they are experienced investors or it is their first investment.
Realya's expertise led to the point where currently the company is establishing and managing dedicated funds for a variety of investors, ranging from the private market to strategic investors, including institutional investors.

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