Responsible investments

Realya is acting in accordance with a set of defined and determined public standards of traded entities.

Credibility and transparency takes a central and respectable stance throughout the activity of Realya and are the guiding light leading it in every aspect of its activity and a key factor in its growing success. Our perception of the investor as a full partner with rights to detailed and accessible information and the audit of its existence, is an outcome of the trust and transparency we adopt as a principal standard. The management and supervision over the investments performances are done in a complete, detailed manner and accessible to the investors who can independently access the information at any given moment via a 24/7 available portal. Over the portal one can observe the yield calculations of the investment funds compared to the original business plans and reach educated personal insights. In addition the portal offers for the convenience of the investor, a distribution of the investments performance adjacent to an elaborately detailed level of the costs and fees.

In addition, Realya issues regularly quarterly reports and full & comprehensive economic reviews of great level of elaboration to its investors, and also initiate phone calls where it invites them to cash out their share of the profits, quarterly, for their benefit. Nowadays, we are diligently working on uploading a new interface to our investors where different markets where we are active shall receive comprehensive reviews, regardless of the kind of investment.

Impact and Corporate Social Responsibility

Realya is aware off the increasingly growing polarization among different population around the world and in Israel. This polarization often raises the concern about Realya's contribution to the growing gaps between different layers of the population.

We in Realya observe the advantages of free economy and understand we have the power to invest in a positively circular fashion.
The goal of developing affordable housing is to support and assist the economically weaker population strata, and our choice in Realya to focus on the subsidized housing segment in the US is a direct measure for an effective and impactful support and assistance to the normative population that is finding it hard to make ends meet with the high cost of living, especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis.
The larger part of our thousands of tenants, who receive federal support for their rent, receive service and good attitude at the highest level, without discrimination.

Realya strives to see the tenants of her properties, to enjoy economic growth driven by its investments and raise strong communities which are also enjoying quality of life, strong local economy and positive influence over their personal-environmental security throughout time.
Our circular investment concept is based on three dimensions: environment, society and economy.
Any place where an economic investment is made, it will register an impact on the society and the environment, and on the other hand, everything that is taking place in the society and the environment affects the performance of the investment. This interdependence is a given fact of each investment. The added value we generate for our community of tenants will eventually come around back to the community of our investors.
Savvy investors will broadly consider the investment options and take advantage of this fact to turn it into an opportunity.

Contribution to the community

Building a new business without support or external investment is a challenging task for any person, especially during the Coronavirus period. At the beginning of Realya' a decision was taken that each year, Realya would chose to contribute to a field or business close to its values. We believe that giving is the source of all getting back. The partners of Realya finds personal time to volunteer in not-for-profit organizations and across different activities, and contribute personally and on behalf of the company each year.