Capital Funds

Realya is an expert in origination, management and fulfillment of investment funds. These investment funds are an adequate option that is suitable for a joint investment, especially for a single investor due to the fact that these are incorporated under a clear legal and taxation structure. The investment method of Realya via establishing PE funds has multiple advantages:

First, the investor enjoys an optimal risk distribution option by a single investment unit.

Second, the funds Realya puts in place and manages, are American funds adapted to an Israeli investor, whether corporate or private.

Third, the tax structure is defined such that no double-taxation is applied to revenue of the Israeli investor and also provides investments via the different IRA entities in Israel.

Fourth, the legal structure is accessible, clear and simple to every investor whether they are experienced investors or it is their first investment.

Realya’s expertise led to the point where currently the company is establishing and managing dedicated funds for a variety of investors, ranging from the private market to strategic investors, including institutional investors.