Management and Maintenance

True success in Real Estate is a direct outcome of management, control and close supervision over the asset, therefore, our recipe for management and operation of yield-bearing assets is a direct, at arm’s-length span of control and the tightest possible supervision. By a focused and tactical set of actions  we gain control of our results even in times of economic challenges, volatility and flexibility in tenants’ preferences, thus effectively establishing a sound strategy which meets the frequently changing realities. The quality of management and the strict standards in view of which we operate includes a top-down feasibility analysis to the single unit level out of an entire cluster/property, putting in place a detailed quality and standard of construction, examination of betterment costs and the instant where it is becoming highly lucrative, the pricing of the ongoing maintenance and the inclusion of a logistic center with short response cycle for full support of the assets.

We in Realya understand, that the level of satisfaction of the tenants has a direct impact on the preservation of the assets’ value, leading in turn to satisfaction of its investors, therefore we place great importance on providing fast and quality service to the plethora of our customers, starting with the investors and all the way to the tenants.