Entrepreneurship and Betterment

Realya has a significant professional capability of acquisition and entrepreneurship of international assets, backed up by decades of experience and proven operational capacity. The work method commences by thorough investigation and selective data collection about the target locations where the company chooses to operate and is followed by a scrutinized examination, betterment and tight property management via equity-based acquisition of portfolios over a span of pre-defined time. It is only after meeting the targets, that we explore the expansion of activity and on-boarding of additional investors to the same location and form a localized management HQ by our American Real Estate corporation, for purposes of identification, acquisition, maintenance, betterment and relationships with tenants and financing entities. Our knowledge of the entrepreneurial process and the way we know how to create an orderly, comprehensive in-advance cost structure that takes into consideration all of the smallest of details, enables us to make educated decisions and have better control over profitability.