Our Firm


Realya is a private Real Estate company which specializes in the Affordable housing segment in the United States. The company invests and manages its joint properties in an integrative, tight and full control – “end to end”. This managerial attitude enables transparency and accessibility to investors at any given stage.

Our expertise in entrepreneurship, Real Estate and capital markets stems from a collective experience of decades of the founding team who are proficient and knowledgeable about the entire set of elements that are determining the quality of the investment. The comprehensive expertise and the synergetic combination of the power of knowledge and experience generates new value to the investors, one that is a direct outcome of the coupling of the capital market to the Real Estate market.

Further to this expertise and driven by the will to consistently  deepen and improve the quality and experience of the investment, Realya chose to focus and heighten its proficiency in the field of affordable housing – a solid, stable and low risk- channel, to develop deep relations with the largest regulatory and financing entities in the US and reach a unique product that enables investors to gain an exposure to a fair risk-reward profile with long-lasting yield generation of solid characteristics.

We in Realya build our sound portfolio slowly, patiently and with no shortcuts.

The unique perspective of Realya which brings together deep Real Estate knowledge from the entrepreneurship field, the betterment and management of yield-bearing assets, alongside its capacity in establishing and managing specialized US-based investment funds is its success story and forms is growth engine.

Realya invites additional investors seeking to enjoy a unique investment experience and the significant added value it generates for them.